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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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1742]                    To Horace Mann                     161
Joan.' She flew into a passion, and desired he would not fix any names on her; that they were not so easily gotrid of.
We had a little ball the other night at Mrs. "Boothby's, and by dancing did not perceive an earthquake, which frightened all the undancing part of the town.. . .2*
We had a civility from his Koyal Highness, who sent for Monticelli the night he was engaged here, but, on hearing it, said he would send for him some other night. If I did not live so near St. James's, I would find out some politics in this—should not one ?
Sir William Stanhope25 has had a hint from the same Highness, that his company is not quite agreeable: whenever he met anybody at Carlton House whom he did not know, he said, ' Your humble servant, Mr. or Mrs. Hamilton.'
I have this morning sent aboard the St. Quintin a box for you, with your secretary—not in it.
Old Weston28 of Exeter is dead. Dr. Clarke, the Dean w, Dr. Willes, the decipherer28, and Dr. Gilbert of Llandaff, are candidates to succeed him29. Sir E. is for Willes, who, he says, knows so many secrets, that he might insist upon being archbishopso.
My dear Mr. Chute! how concerned I am that he took all that trouble to no purpose. I will not write to him this post, for as you show him my letters, this here will sufficiently employ any one's patience—but I have done. I long to hear that the Dominichin is safe.
Good night!                                               Yours ever.
24 Passage omitted.                           published an Essay on her character
, 2S Brother to  Lord Chesterfield.      in 1738 (the year after the Queen's
This bon mot was occasioned by the     death).
numbers of Hamiltons -which Lady        28 Edward Willes (d.  1773), Pre-
Archihald   Hamilton,   the   Prince's     bendary of Westminster, Bishop of
mistress, had placed at that court.      St. David's, 1743 ; translated to Bath
Walpole.                                               and Wells the same year.
28   Stephen   Weston   (1666-1742),         29 John Gilbert (1693-1761), Bishop
Bishop of Exeter.                                 of Llandaff; translated to Salisbury
«7 Alured Clarke (1696-1742), Dean     in 1749, and to York in 1757.
of Exeter. He was on friendly terms        so Nicholas Clagett, Bishop of St.
with Queen Caroline of Anspach, and     Davids, was translated to Exeter.